ANGER is our weakest path.

Transform that level of pain to FOCUS.

Our angry thinking is rushed, too passionate, scattered, reactive and provocative. It dilutes our efforts as individuals and as a whole.

We need sharp and ENDURING focus to be successful in anything.

What do we REALLY want for our day to day lives and those we love?

Let's be real, we're an ignorant planet. It's taking a LONG time to evolve mentally and spiritually because WE'RE NOT LEARNING!

They teach us history to learn from other people's mistakes and evolve from there.
Our system (at its best) was created by different people in different times - they would be baffled by the lives we live today. They'd burn us all for being witches.

There are GREAT minds on this planet, we have the gift of limitless communication - COMMUNICATE!

Come up with BETTER ideas, get those ideas heard and implemented. As individuals and as a live heard of folks. But start with YOU, and LIVE that example.

The entire system is based in different levels of understanding than we have access to today. THE SYSTEM MUST CHANGE OVERALL, not just for one thing, for underlying reasons and more positive focus on progressing as a life form.

IGNORANCE is TAUGHT by society. They have you focus on differences from earlier than you can remember. Your parents, teachers, friends, enemies, companies, advertising, almost literally EVERYONE.

But differences, especially (skin / appearance based) is first grade level crap and we're in 2020 with supercomputers in every pocket.


You, your family, friends, whoever you identify with. ALL OF US.

We're all in the same boat on a planet hurdling through space at a dizzying pace... All just trying to LIVE with some level of satisfaction and figure things out for ourselves.

(Pay attention - Stay focused)

We're all different. Everyone. In many, many ways.

Focusing on differences and looking for more ways to be different (when we are ALL different by default) is a breeding ground for ignorance.


Our entire set of rules, language, clocks, cars, virtually everything is made up. We happen to be here and come up with things (and names for those things) as points of reference.

We can differentiate a fish from a piece of string because we have the language we created to communicate that.

THAT is the usefulness of difference. As a point of reference. That's IT.

Look at "different" people from yourself based on any (or all) of the differences you can think of.

Person (a) and Person (b) are different for xyz reasons.

Now what?

That person is alive on this planet, just like you, has to endure struggles just like you (before the man made kind) must eat, must drink, sleep, try to learn what self care is and evolve emotionally, spiritually and mentally in a VERY IGNORANT society. Gotta work, do all these things, just like each other.

Even other life forms, animals, bugs, sea creatures.. they're here.. on this planet, trying to figure crap out without getting killed by nature. (again, before the man made kind)

We are mostly, ALL responsible for perpetuating ignorant thoughts, words and deeds.

Again: Mostly ALL of US repeating dumb shit. On purpose, unchecked.

WE have got to fix this on all levels. This is our responsibility, across the board. We MUST learn and teach USEFUL thoughts, words and deeds...

In "civilized society" we have a computer at every single person, down to toddlers.. Media machines that can provide us with any entertainment or piece of information that is accessible. YET, we don't teach our children HOW to THINK, speak and act as a righteous member of the planet.

Did you learn how to use your mind as a child? I sure didn't.

We should ALL be taught how powerful our thoughts, words and actions are.

Start here. Start now. BE RESPONSIBLE for yourself and keep an eye on everything within your field of influence as you live..

Hey, if I'm acting a fool, say something to me, don't sue me or wait until it builds into some huge thing - help me pull my head out of my ass and I'll do the same for you.

Get it.. We're all the same in much larger and more meaningful ways than we can ever be different. Differences create distraction. Distracted people are suckers. Wake up and focus!
Leave all that skin color, appearance, gender, sexuality, handicap, difference nonsense for the first grade level. LEVEL UP, HUMAN!

Differences exist! So what? Move forward!

We've come from nothing. As living beings, we've been through a LOT.

This covid19 thing should have shown you, we don't have it all figured out, we're all vulnerable to LOTS of things and change is possible right now. We can learn to do things differently, But for things to be different, things must actually change. For things to change, WE must change.

Our thoughts, our words, our deeds and our willingness to make change no matter what level we are on...

It's 2020, I've got a freaking movie theater in my pocket and we're still having to protest things that should have ended many, many years ago.

We have access to information to do virtually anything. Let's get some better practices in place based on furthering our desire to live better lives.

Focus on useful.


-DR June 3, 2020


Thou shall not kill. Can we all at least agree on this one if nothing else?